Wise-Anderson Protocol – Provides Treatment of Pelvic Pain as a ‘Clutch’ Condition

On this past Friday night, the alchemy of Stephan Curry and the Golden State Warriors amazed the basketball world by defeating the Cleveland Cavaliers in the 4th playoff game after enduring a humiliating defeat two days before. What has fascinated millions of people about the Golden State Warriors is that they may be the greatest ‘clutch’ team in basketball history. Traditionally in the lexicon of basketball, ‘clutch’ teams are teams that can play exceptionally well under stress. Just like a basketball player who ‘clutches’ under stress, the inner ‘clutching’ in the pelvis of the pelvic pain sufferer makes things go from bad to worse. A self-feeding cycle of ‘clutch’-anxiety-pain-protective guarding occurs. The Wise-Anderson Protocol, developed by David Wise, PhD and Rodney Anderson, MD, trains patients to help bring their ‘clutched’ pelvis out of ‘clutch’. The dilemma and resolution of this ‘clutch’ disorder is described by Wise and Anderson in the 6th edition of their book, A Headache in the Pelvis, and on their website, www.pelvicpainhelp.com.

The word ‘clutch’ derives from the 13th century and refers to a ‘claw, grip, or grasp’. The ‘clutch’ player or team in basketball refers to players and teams that don’t ‘clutch’ in a stressful game. They don’t tighten up and lose their focus and instead remain relaxed and able to do what most humans are unable to do – namely to keep their composure, focus, and control of what needs to be controlled to win in the face of the fiercest stress. Part of why Stephen Curry is great a ‘clutch’ player reflects his ability to shoot very difficult shots that would be impossible for any good player to make if they were overly tense. This is in contrast on Friday to the Cleveland Cavaliers’ unravelling of composure in the final minutes of the game as opposed to the Warriors who kept their cool and grace and winning Friday’s game in a hostile Cleveland stadium environment.

The state of ‘clutch’ is also found in the world of medicine. Walter Cannon, renowned Harvard physiologist of the 1920s, coined the term fight- flight-freeze that is commonly used today to describe the human reaction to a threatening stress. In basketball language, the fight-flight-freeze response could be called the fight-flight-‘clutch’ response to stress. The physical disorder of pelvic floor dysfunction, and what is often diagnosed as prostatitis, is a disorder of stress-related ‘clutch’ in the core of the body – an inner clutching of the body’s core that interferes with the natural functioning of the pelvic floor. ‘Clutch’ disorders are common and can include the body chronically clutching in irritable bowel syndrome, TMJ, tension headache, non-cardiac chest pain, panic disorder, among other function disorders. In the state of ‘clutch’ of the pelvic pain sufferer, a self-feeding cycle develops that keeps the center of the body chronically ‘clutched’. The sufferers of these ‘clutch’ disorders lose a much bigger prize than the NBA championship in their clutching… They lose the vital game called ‘quality of life’.

Developed between 1995 and 2003 by David Wise, PhD and Rodney Anderson, MD, the Wise-Anderson Protocol treats both the local and systemic components of pelvic floor pain disorders and is presented in 6-day clinics in California. Patients are trained in Extended Paradoxical Relaxation, a technique taught to patients to reduce nervous system arousal, and a protocol for internal and external myofascial trigger point release using the Internal Trigger Point Wand, an FDA-approved device for patient self-treatment to release internal trigger points. The physical therapy method trains patients to physically release areas of spasm and painful muscle contraction themselves, while the behavioral program of Extended Paradoxical Relaxation is used to help regularly reduce anxiety and nervous arousal. To learn more about the Wise-Anderson Protocol, visit www.pelvicpainhelp.com



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